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Unimatrix-338.com has been founded in 2000 and has become a harbor for raiders in the global sea of audio experiments and music. Our masterbrain is called oLO (aka quasar). oLOvonb.org went through years of classical audio education, practically sequencing sounds for about a decade, he was involved in an audio engineers education at the SAE-Berlin. Later he went to a private university for filmscoring. As of now 2008 oLO is going into new directions for film and gamescoring.


Attitude, quality and intentions

The most touchy and direct way of emotional response is the aim of our work. We like to connect the vibes and beats that tick inside the matrix“s artists. The assimilation of certain components in audio editing is a major aim in order to be prepared to create a specific content for some special event, project or private listening session.

Songs and sounds

The given samples of oLO von Borg are for promotional reasons only and can be streamed or downloaded from the audio section.


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